Do you feel stuck, powerless, discouraged or disheartened?

Do you struggle with establishing good habitsand feel you lack willpower? 

Do you attract or stay in relationships that do not serve you?

Why does this keep on happening to me?

- you might ask yourself.

If you have you tried applying discipline or willpower to break repetitive behavior with no success, it could be an indication of something more deeply-rooted: such as deeply buried emotional wound relegated to your subconscious or past unconscious conditioning that rules your behavior and continues to sabotage everything you do.

Change is possible, especially if you address unconscious behavior drivers.

I want you to know that you are not alone.

When you’re bombarded with social media images of your friends experiencing one success after another, it’s hard to believe that being stuck in repetitive patterns is very common. But I’ll let you into a little secret: nobody posts selfies of themselves procrastinating or self-sabotaging even though many people are doing just that, every single day.


  • Pattern of engaging in self-defeating or self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Pattern of consistently finding yourself in the same scenario or situation over and over again.
  • Pattern of attracting the same negative type of person either in personal or professional life.
  • Pattern of negative self-talk and being self-judgmental.
  • Pattern procrastination or lack of follow through and completing tasks or projects.
  • Pattern of undervaluing yourself and selling yourself short.

Why does It happen?

The problem is we don’t realize that often those limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors may be reactions out of past conditioning and unconscious expectations. This programming is like an undercurrent running through our subconscious mind manifesting as unhelpful habits.

Unfortunately, most of the people on this planet still act with the childhood programming intact, recreating particular relationships with themselves, their employers, families, romantic partners or even friends. It keeps them locked in patterns of behavior and relating that are holding them back from their true goals and desires.

That’s why conscious efforts so often fail.

But there is another way; exploring your subconscious mind to get to the root of your self-defeating patterns.

You must venture into your inner landscape so you can heal and mend the original core wound that set your pattern in motion.

From a scientific standpoint we know that any trauma - including growing up in a dysfunctional family, job loss, relationship breakups, divorce, accident and illness - gets registered in the right brain, the intuitive/visual brain hemisphere a.k.a the subconscious mind.

Art, image and metaphor are the best tools to access the right brain - the intuitive and emotional mind. They go beyond words and bypass our ego and analytical mind. The subconscious doesn’t communicate in English or Chinese; its language is imagery, and its alphabet is symbol and metaphor.

By using art and image, we can access different parts of our psyche to facilitate healing and integration which in effect loosens the grip on limiting beliefs, procrastination, fear of rejection and other harmful patterns, and eventually makes them organically fall away.

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