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Reprogram your brain to break-free of negative past programming.

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I offer an unconventional method of helping my clients to achieve their goals. It's very different from the standard goal-setting practices and is based on working with the subconscious mind to eliminate internal blocks to taking action.

On the surface level, those blocks may present themselves as doubt, fear, overwhelm, lack of follow-through or feeling stuck. But behind the surface what's holding us back is buried in our subconscious mind, and we are just might not be aware of it. Once we dig deep and resolve underlying issues, we are free to move forward with our dreams, projects, and desires.

In addition to removing subconscious obstacles to realizing their dreams, I give my clients practical tools to uncover their strengths and resources and use them as fuel for implementing lasting change. I partner with my clients to restore their self-confidence and self-worth and take sustainable action towards building a better future.

I use research-based Positive Psychology as a backbone of my practice and combine it with image-based protocols working with metaphor and symbolism to access the subconscious mind.

Can you relate?



“I would definitely recommend the service! I feel like it is easy for therapy to be really passive, and sometimes lead to victim mindset. While this re-hashed some issues that were far from new for me, it did so in a very different way, and in a way that felt like I could actually have control and do something about them. The first 90 minutes felt more productive than hours upon hours of other sessions I have had!”


Imagine being able to pursue your goals, moving fluidly towards a better future. Imagine being free of internal conflicts, releasing old traumas and eliminating unconscious obstacles which are keeping you from whatever it is you desire.

Take this quiz to Find out
what’s really
holding you back

This quick quiz will help you get to the source of your recurring issues.

Complimentary consulation
(20 minute call)

This discovery session will help you start getting to the root of your recurring problems.

"Break Free"
(90 minute session)

You'll get tangible solutions and tools to help you get past your particular pattern.


you can expect to:

  • Implement the positive change you so desperately want, follow through and execute your dreams, projects, and desires.

  • Restore self-confidence, feel capable and in charge of your destiny.

  • Identify hidden obstacles to taking action and move past them.


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