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Reprogram your brain to break-free from repetitive behavior patterns. 

Find out what’s really holding you back from realizing your dreams.
Could it be your subconscious mind?



My name is Monika Walankiewicz, and I am a Trauma Facilitator with the focus on post-traumatic growth. I use research-based Positive Psychology as a backbone of my practice, and I wrap around it various techniques derived from Art Therapy and Jungian Psychology.

I work with clients who want to pursue their higher goals and align with their purpose but feel like something is holding them back from executing their dreams, projects, and desires.

I assist them in moving forward based on their potential with the aim of transforming what happened in the past and using it as fuel for creating a better future. I help my clients identify hidden obstacles to taking action and move past them.

If you are at crossroads, going through a challenging transition or wanting to stop playing out the same self-defeating scenario over and over again, I am here to help you cut through the confusion and uncertainty and navigate the road to lasting positive change one step at a time. 

Can you relate?

a completely different approach which goes beyond superficial coaching and self-help methods.

Instead of being focused on client's limitations and deficiencies, I focus on their strengths and abilities. It's not about fixing problems; it's about building solutions and addressing subconscious behavior drivers.


Deep Research

Positive Psychology researchers study what makes human beings thrive despite challenging experiences, what helps them build resilience, and achieve their goals and dreams. You can think of Positive Psychology as scientifically based self-help or therapy for people who no longer need therapy.


proven effectiveness

Applied Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy offer proven techniques to generate outcomes better, faster and more cost-effectively. Whereas methods derived from Art Therapy and Depth Psychology enable us to access the right brain and transform subconscious behavior drivers.


Easy Steps 

The empirically validated tools allow you to rapidly enter a new level of functioning making it much easier to sustain effort and the follow-through. As you effortlessly step into an upward spiral of positive outcomes, you feel more inspired to take action and make lasting positive changes in your life. 

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
— Carl G. Jung

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You have goals but something is in the way of getting what you want.

Have you ever felt stuck and couldn’t figure out what’s going wrong? Book a call to discover what is unconsciously holding you back and get more clarity.