"Landscapes Within"

90 Minute Tarotherapy Session
Tarot Counseling + Positive Psychology Coaching


What kind of life would you have if you weren’t held back by your repetitive patterns?

In this 90 minute session, we will get to the root of your self-sabotaging behaviors and establish a strategy to break free of them.

In this session, we will use Tarot cards as a counseling tool and a mirror reflecting your subconscious. Using Tarot from a Jungian perspective will illuminate your internal obstacles, deep-seated fears and guide towards best actions to take moving forward.

The self-sabotaging behaviors are usually an expression of unconscious beliefs or emotional wounding. Using the cards will help us to get to the root of these issues and work with them.

During the second part of the session, we will focus on implementing positive psychology techniques to increase your motivation, create behavior change, and a clear plan of action aligned with your core values and desires.

TarotTherapy Session is about connecting to your subconscious mind, your deep emotional nature and your intuition. Richly symbolic, Tarot is an excellent system for tapping into your inner knowing and accessing information from universal consciousness. 

It's not a fortune-telling or divination session in any way, but rather an invitation to feel deeply into the wisdom of your subconscious and intuition. A reading is a perfect reflection of your subconscious; it will bring to the surface what's hidden in the recesses of your mind so that it can be healed and integrated.

How the session works:

  1. Before the session, you will receive a questionnaire. Based on this information, I will design a custom card spread just for you. 
  2. To maximize our time together, I will do the card reading before the session, share the findings and we will interpret the information delivered together, because ultimately only you know what is true for you.
  3. During our session, we will process the guidance from the reading, and collaborate to integrate the insights and create healing solutions. We might also draw additional cards for clarification.
  4. Having identified the core wound or belief behind your reoccurring patterns, we will use evidence-based methods to create an actionable strategy based on your strengths, values, and resources. 

You will walk away with: 

  • Clarity as to what is holding you back and keeps you stuck in a repetition cycle.
  • Get profound insights into your repetitive patterns and experiences.
  • Emotional relief, peace of mind and increased motivation.
  • A rock-solid strategy, tools, and actions to implement in your daily life.
  • More connection to yourself and ability to make decisions from the place of inner truth.
  • Get actionable tools and practices you can start implementing right away.

90 Minute Tarotherapy Session over Skype

Investment: $225