"Let it Go"

Transformative One Day Intensive + 90 minute check-in session


What would you do if you were free of your repetitive patterns?

A Full Day Intensive is a perfect solution for you if you have recently gone through a big life change or are about to make one. Or maybe you just want results quickly, because the old way of life is not serving you anymore and you are eager to start fresh.

It’s absolutely possible to make a breakthrough in one day, a so-called quantum leap. If you are a person who needs a kick start and can maintain the momentum on their own, this session is for you.

Also, I invite you to return for a complimentary 90 minute check-in session, which I offer to ensure that the transformation takes hold and to give you additional answers and guidance.

During our day together we will hone in on recurring issues that are most distressing to you and work to heal and transform them. 

We will uncover and investigate the real cause of your repetitive patterns, so you'll be able to see your self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting thoughts and emotional processes in an entirely new light, work through them and let them go.

We will use imagery and a variety of creative and intuitive tools to help you access your subconscious mind and combine it with scientific positive psychology methods; to give you tools and practices for behavior change and a strategy for creating a new path forward. 

    We will cover the following:

    You'll engage in image making, imaginal exercises, guided visualizations and metaphoric and symbolic work to access your subconscious mind.

    We'll use tarot cards to connect to your intuitive mind and gain further insights. (Tarotherapy Session is included in the one day intensive.)

    Based on our findings we'll create, revise and solidify the vision you have for yourself and your life.


    We'll use research-based methods to explore your strengths, values, and resources and how you can best use them to move towards your ideal vision.

    Then we'll design a strategy and concrete steps to help you make your vision a reality. You will have a clear plan of action.

    We'll use scientifically proven techniques for implementing lasting change.

    You'll leave equipped with tools you can use whenever you find yourself falling back into unhelpful behaviors.

    Our schedule for the day:

    10:00 AM - Coaching, Tarotherapy, intuitive/image making exercises.

    1:00 PM - Lunch Break*

    2:00 PM - Coaching and more experiential exercises.

    3:00 PM - Exploration of strengths, values, and resources. Setting up goals congruent with your core desires and essence.

    4:00 PM - We will wrap up for the day with creating actionable plan and strategy you can implement on your own to maintain the momentum and keep moving forward.

    5:30 PM - You will leave more peaceful, hopeful and confident knowing that you have gained concrete solutions and are in possession of tools to continue the journey of transformation. 

    * Don't worry we will have multiple breaks throughout the day to help you maintain your focus and energy.

    This session is for you if:

    • You find yourself repeating the same scenario over and over again, and you feel like some invisible force is holding you back from living the life you want and desire.

    • You are sensing that there's more to your surface habits like productivity, eating, exercising, etc.
    • You suspect they might be an expression of something deeper and hidden from your conscious awareness.
    • You realize that repetitive experiences, relationship, and events showing up in your life might stem from something that can't be solved by reasoning and willpower alone. You know it because you've tried those tactics and nothing has changed. 
    • You suspect that there's something more at play here. Something that's possibly linked to your past conditioning, unprocessed painful emotions or unhealed traumatic experiences. You are ready to explore it, heal it and move on.

    AS A RESULT OF the Full Day Intensive YOU CAN EXPECT TO: 

    • Work through your pattern and create a breakthrough giving you a fresh start.

    • Experience emotional relief, peace of mind, increased motivation and zest for life.
    • Identify your core values, strengths, and resources. (As as you gain more insights, you might reprioritize your goals and align them closer to your inner truth.)
    • Obtain solid strategy with tools, guidelines, and practices you can start implementing right away. 
    • Get ideas for positive mental habits and daily rituals to support you on your path– in a fun and easy way.
    • Finally, become able to follow through on executing your plans, goals, and desires.

    How it works:

    Full Day of coaching sessions via Skype or video call.

    A complimentary 90 minute check-in session week later to provide support and help you maintain the positive momentum.

    Investment: $1500

    To make the most of our time together, I’m going to send you a short questionnaire and ask you to draw a quick self-portrait before our session. You can create the image with pens, pencils, markers, crayons or whatever else you have available. Please keep in mind that artistic talent is NOT necessary. If you are capable of drawing lines, circles or stick figures it’s sufficient for our purposes. The assignment is not mandatory, but I invite you to complete it so you can get most benefit and value from our session.