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Reprogram your brain to break-free of negative past programming.

Reprogram your brain
to break free of negative
past programming.



My name is Monika Walankiewicz, and I work mainly with women to help them break free of repetitive patterns, past baggage, habits and behaviors which are not serving them and are holding them back. I do it through primarily working with symbol, image, and metaphor.

When it comes to achieving external goals, be it career, business, relationships, health and wellness, the starting point is the inner journey of transformation. It starts from the inside. Removing internal obstacles leads to achieving those external goals with more ease and less struggle.

The way I’ve seen it and experienced it is that doing the inner work first by removing inner obstacles, blocks and hidden traumas, is always going to translate into visible external results.


I am extremely excited about connecting the dots and finding intersection between deep imaginal work and the latest scientific discoveries. I utilize image-based protocols, methods derived from Art Therapy and Hypnotherapy and combine it with Jungian Psychology, Neuroscience, and evidence-based Positive Psychology.

Even though my techniques are unconventional, they are backed up by science and research.

Can you relate?



“I would definitely recommend the service! I feel like it is easy for therapy to be really passive, and sometimes lead to victim mindset. While this re-hashed some issues that were far from new for me, it did so in a very different way, and in a way that felt like I could actually have control and do something about them. The first 90 minutes felt more productive than hours upon hours of other sessions I have had!”

What can you expect?

I broke down benefits into two categories, describing how you are going to start feeling internally and what outcomes you are likely to experience in the externally in your everyday life.

External benefits

  • Ability to take concrete steps and follow through on executing your plans, goals, and desires.

  • No longer finding yourself in the same old situations/patterns having the same automatic reactions and experiences.

  • Quickly experience positive changes in your professional and personal relationships.

  • Recognize and harness your strengths and resources to move forward.

Internal benefits

  • Relief from past traumas resulting in increased self-worth and self-esteem.

  • Restored self-trust and leading to experiencing less fear, so you can start living into your potential.

  • Removed past programming and insecurities left over from childhood and adolescence.

  • Restores confidence and diminishes self-doubt

  • Identify hidden obstacles to taking action and move past them.


What are my patterns?

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