How emotions can help you break the indecision pattern.

Carl Jung emphasized that our emotions are critical because they tell us what is really important to us. If we repress our feelings or have trouble getting in touch with them we are going to have a hard time knowing what we want. This lack of contact with our emotional side can profoundly impact our lives because we will have trouble making decisions. It doesn't matter if it’s small day-to-day decisions or big life changing ones, the effect of emotional restriction is equal in both cases. 

There are examples in neuroscience showing that patients who sustained brain damage to parts responsible for emotional processing have limited capacity for decision making or are unable to make decisions at all. It illustrates the importance of emotions and shows us that we are not as rational decision makers as we like to think. 

Our culture, in general, is not supportive of emotional expression, and as children, we quickly learn from our caretakers, teachers, and society as a whole that displaying some emotions is “not ok.” For many of us showing pleasant emotions like joy or excitement was not welcomed in our family of origin and later in life, we have trouble accessing them at all. 

If at a young age, we are taught that showing our emotions can get us in trouble with our caretakers as a protection mechanism we disassociate from them. If you have learned to escape your emotions and distract yourself with snacking, alcohol, watching TV, shopping or any other socially accepted addiction, you are simply detaching from your emotions. We engage in those behaviors not only because we might believe that emotions are dangerous or we will be scorned for expressing them, but also because we don't know how to how to deal with them.

Emotions serve as an internal compass and knowing how to process them is an important life skill. If you get in touch with your feelings and metabolize them, you will unlock your intuition, your authentic goals, and your decision-making powers. It will help you break the pattern of indecision and allow you to move forward in the direction of the life you want.

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