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Reprogram your brain to break-free from repetitive behavior patterns. 

This quiz and therapeutic activity
will help you get to the source of your
recurring problems and begin the
 work of digging out the roots.


Would you like to say goodbye to reliving the same scenario over and over again?

Hello and welcome, I’m Monika, and I help women to break free of repetitive patterns that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

Pattern is any behavior, experience or emotional response that's reoccurring and keeps you stuck and unable to move forward with your life.

I created a process which not only enables my clients to hone in and transform underlying issues behind their repetitive experiences but also equips them with research-based tools to achieve lasting, positive change. 

As a Transformational Facilitator, Certified in Art Therapy and Positive Psychology, I believe we have to do the deep inner work before we begin to change our behavior.

I work with people just like you....

People who went through painful experiences and as a result keep finding themselves in the same situations over and over again, unable to break the repetition pattern. People who are ready to do the deep work necessary to unearth underlying reasons behind their patterns so they can move forward unencumbered and free.

If you've tried traditional methods of breaking patterns and establishing new habits and it didn't work for you don't beat yourself up. Most likely It's because those mainstream approaches didn't address the root cause of your repetitive experiences. 

Most of the conventional advice is focused on making changes from the outside in and tends to ignore the fact that we operate predominantly from our unconscious programming. 

Unless the subconscious mind is impressed, no changes can be made no matter how hard we try. 

You may feel discouraged believing that things will always stay the same, but let me tell you, change is possible, especially if you address unconscious behavior drivers.


Where would you be if you weren't held back by your repetitive patterns?

If you long for freedom and change, whether it's creating a thriving business, up leveling your career, committing to a passion project, or having strong connections with like-minded people, but something is stopping you from making it happen, you are in the right place.

If you want to stop the constant nag of unfinished to do's and unrealized changes, feeling like you are held back by an invisible force, not living up to your potential and suspecting that on some level you are self-sabotaging yourself, I can show you how to break the pattern.

How can we work together?

There are few ways we can work together. You can start with a power hour session, obtain a coaching package at a discount, or devote a full day to creating a real breakthrough. Read below for more details. 

Find out what’s really
holding you back

This quick quiz and cathartic activity will help you get to the source of your recurring issues.

Complimentary Discovery Session - 20 minute call

This discovery session will help you start getting to the root of your recurring problems.

"Break Through"
a 90 minute session

You'll get tangible tools & solutions to help you get past your particular pattern.

when working with me You can expect to:

  • Gain deeper insights into why you act the way you do - awareness is the first step to freedom.
  • Heal the original core issue behind your patterns and as a result, release your patterns.
  • Identify hidden obstacles to taking action and move past them.
  • Learn how to implement the positive change you so desperately want.
  • Get tangible advice and action steps to aid you on your journey of transformation.
  • Follow through and execute your dreams, projects, and desires

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Reprogram your brain to break-free from repetitive behavior patterns.