There are two main ways we get stuck.

Either we repeat the same pattern over and over again unable to break it, or we get stuck, paralyzed and overwhelmed when trying to make a significant change in our lives. It can be very discouraging because we don’t understand why it’s happening and how to break out of it.


It’s been proven that traumatic experiences get logged in your subconscious/the right hemisphere of the brain, which is associated with intuition and creativity, and it can be difficult to put them into words. That’s why they are often best represented and transformed through metaphors, imagery, or stories. Working in this way has been heavily researched and leads to true results. In addition, due to post-traumatic growth phenomena, you will find that you are able to not only heal the past but also use it as a springboard for personal growth and creating a thriving future. 

I offer a unique process designed to help people who went through traumatic events to get unstuck and move forward with life. Discover how you can heal painful experiences, break free of the past and build a thriving future. 


Repeating the same cycle.

We keep diving in and out of bad habits of fear, procrastinating, overeating, overspending, being overwhelmed, living in the past or in the unnamed future. Attracting the same type of negative relationships, self-sabotaging, playing out the same self-defeating scenarios over and over again


Getting stuck when we are trying to move forward in our lives.

This feeling comes up when we want to do something important, something that matters to us, such as changing careers, launching business, creating a fulfilling relationship, improve our health or finances.  We feel something is holding us back, we self-sabotage, feel overwhelmed and confused.