How does it work?

My process honors both the intuitive and the analytical, being and doing, art and science. It’s a combination of
a non-linear, deep dive into the unconscious mind blended with scientifically proven, research-based tools.

This combination of the inner and outer focus, intuition and inspired action is where the magic lies.



The first part of the process is focused on receiving messages from your subconscious mind using a variety of creative techniques such as creation of intuitive images and free form writing, to help you access your inner wisdom and guidance.

It might sound woo woo, but this is where the real transformation happens. This is where we gain insights and guidance.


DEpth Psychology

Then we delve deeper and explore your interior landscape. Its archetypes and your personal symbolism. We communicate with your subconscious using tools derived from Jungian psychology.
This is where we mend and heal.

The subconscious mind communicates with image, symbol and metaphor, that's why those methods are very effective. 


Positive Psychology

Now we are taking the wisdom from the preceding stages and create real-life strategies and action plan. We will be drawing the map and connecting the dots. We will focus on practical problem solving, actionable steps and creating new habits and behaviors.

This part is more left-brain oriented and we'll use research-based, scientifically proven tools.