Hi, I’m Monika and I help women free themselves from unhelpful repetitive behavior patterns, so they can experience new levels of joy & freedom.

My work grows from a desire to help others not only to release whatever is holding them back but also grow from it and create the best future they can imagine.

I know what it’s like to perpetually talk yourself out of trying new things or failing to act on ideas because you are so used to things not working out. Or hitting upon the same relationship problems again and again, like attracting similar partners over and over, feeling taken advantage of, or feeling trapped in an unhealthy relationship.

It's easy to distract yourself from your priorities by engaging in unhealthy habits like excessive use of social media, overeating or just focusing on something else that’s less scary or challenging. But it's not the way to live.

This quick quiz and cathartic activity will help you get to the source of your recurring issues.

What led me here

I discovered the powerful impact repetitive patterns can have on life through my own personal experience.

After a difficult childhood in a controlling, critical household, I jumped into a relationship that was a mirror image of that experience.

It took me years of playing by someone else’s rules, I started to put myself back in control of my own life. I threw myself into learning art therapy and positive psychology. It felt like coming home. What I understood during that period is that we repeat our old programming, until we gain some distance from it and master the program we are running. Essentially until we learn the lesson, only then we can move forward. Inevitably a new lesson will pop up because growth is a lifelong process.

While taking my classes I engaged in expressive image making with the Jungian twist, developed a spiritual practice, and worked with the metaphor of inner child. Through this work I started noticing some major shifts in my life. Art therapy and expressive art was a gateway to spirituality and offered an immense help and comfort. Then I started building upon it by adding positive psychology practices and rituals.

That’s why I’m such an advocate of working with art and meditative/visual mind. I transformed my inner landscape and it was reflected in my outer world. And I was able to change my whole life around.

Nowadays, I feel inspired to help women who are stuck and trapped in a negative cycle, unable to move forwards with their life in the direction they desire.  

As a Transformational Facilitator, Certified in Art Therapy and Positive Psychology, but most importantly someone who was able to break free of some deep-seated patterns, I believe we have to do the deep inner work before we begin to change our behavior.

Ultimately, you are the expert of your own life and no one and nothing should ever trump your own wisdom. My role is to help you connect to your intuition, teach you how to use images as messages from your subconscious mind, and give you techniques to shift your emotions, alter your thoughts and change your behaviors. We will only venture into territory that feels safe to you, using tools that resonate with you.

I consider the work I do to be sacred and personal. I rely on positive psychology, art, imagination, symbol, metaphor and storytelling both imaginative and written to guide you on your journey of transformation.

If you are looking to free yourself from repetitive
patterns in your life,
book in for a discovery call with me see how I can help you.