I work with people just like you.


I understand you might be feeling drained, discouraged, ashamed or guilty, because how many times do you have to repeat the same scenario over and over again?

Somehow others got it all figured out, so how come you are the one in the clutches of those patterned behaviors and experiences. Anger, fear, and frustration may be your daily companions, or maybe you just feel numb and ready to give up. 

But if you are still reading it means there's a part of you that still has hope and is searching for solutions.

I was there too, searching for solutions, looking for answers, trying to understand why I had it so hard. I was beaten down, and sick and tired of the never-ending cycle of problems that seemed to repeat itself endlessly.

I clung to every new tool and piece of information I came across as if it were my salvation. My quest for healing was quite long because as I was gradually learning new techniques, I was applying them to myself. It took me a while to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and finally, I understood that the solution lies in working with the unconscious material and that evidence-based methods are an excellent adjunct on this journey.

Based on everything I have learned, I created a 3R Process for releasing repetitive patterns, which encompasses deep work with subconscious mind blended with positive psychology interventions. And now I feel ready to share this process with others.