How art heals  

I find symbol and image work to be most effective because the language of the subconscious mind is composed of pictures. 

So it makes sense to communicate with our subconscious mind in its natural language
- the language of pictures.

The deep inner work is the necessary foundation that sets the stage for practical problem solving, actionable steps and creating new habits and behaviors.

The combination of the inner and outer focus, intuition and rational action is where the magic lies.


Releasing patterns is about:

  • Accessing your subconscious mind and inner wisdom, to enable you to release
    old patterns and negative attachments. 

  • Rewriting your old programming with depth and metaphor coaching (via art, writing, active imagination, symbol, and metaphor)
  • Releasing and working through unresolved past experiences and emotions with grace and compassion.
  • Connecting to your inner wisdom to set goals and plans from an authentic place.
  • Setting up a workable action plan congruent with your deeper knowing
    and aligned with your values and your essence.
  • And taking a right and inspired action from the place of inner motivation, not external or internal pressure.