But it's not all doom and gloom.

Breaking free of your repetitive patterns is entirely possible.

You can get unstuck. You can change for good, and you can step into your purpose and potential. 

First, you need to realize that your repetitive patterns are a symptom of something deeper.

So what is standing between you and your goals, dreams, and desires? It’s not for the lack of want you are stuck in your patterned behaviors and experiences. What’s standing between you and the life you want are your subconscious behavior drivers. There are things from your past that are blocking you from what you want, and you are simply not getting to the core of the issue.

What you think is a problem is not really a problem. What you are struggling with are the symptoms. The pattern of procrastination, unhealthy habits, financial struggle, attracting wrong partners, etc. is just a symptom. What's causing the symptoms aka patterns are subconscious beliefs stemming from unresolved painful emotional experiences from your past.