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Nothing brings me greater joy

than witnessing people stepping into their own power and assisting them to bring forth an organic expression of their gifts and ideas.


I have devoted years of my life to studying different areas of psychology and art therapy, mostly because in the beginning I was searching for the answers for myself. 

Now, I distill this knowledge and translate complex and often contradictory information into manageable, bite-sized actions and transformational processes to help people succeed. I make science easy to digest and therapeutic art-making accessible.

If you are interested to find out what lead me to work I am doing now, feel to read my personal story. If you'd like to explore, even more, you can read my articles or get detailed information about services I offer.


I am a firm believer in utilizing both left brain and right brain, rational and subconscious mind to effect positive change. Because if we don't understand our self-defeating patterns, we are doomed to repeat them unconsciously.

Professional Credentials 

My practice draws on my design thinking experience, education in Art Therapy as well as my expertise in Positive Psychology, an emerging branch of psychology that studies human well-being, purpose, meaning, resilience and success.

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I hold certification in Art Therapy from Northwestern University where I studied for two years, and obtained my Positive Psychology credentials studying under Tal Ben Shahar at Kripalu Center. I am also a regular contributor to Wholebeing Institute’s blog, where I received Positive Psychology Coaching training.

On a corporate front, I conduct workshops and seminars spreading the message of Positive Psychology to Allstate's employees combined with weekly meditations and blog articles with the goal of increasing employee's well-being and happiness levels.

How do I work? - Here is a peek into the coaching process.

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You have goals but something is in the way of getting what you want.

Have you ever felt stuck and couldn’t figure out what’s going wrong? Book a call to discover what is unconsciously holding you back and get more clarity.