Reprogram your brain to break-free from repetitive behavior patterns. 

This quiz and therapeutic activity
will help you get to the source of your
recurring problems and begin the
 work of digging out the roots.


Hello, my name is Monika. I help those who want to break free of repetitive patterns that developed unconsciously as a result of painful experiences and are still negatively affecting their lives.

My mission is to help you heal the patterned way of being on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, so you're not stuck in the past, repeating the same mistakes, attracting the same type of people, and reliving the same scenario over and over again. 

I'm a Transformational Facilitator with training in Art Therapy and Positive Psychology, but most importantly I'm someone who has been able to let go of multiple patterns caused by layered traumatic experiences spanning the first thirty years of my life.


My clients are longing for relief and release from limitations that are repeatedly holding them back. 
are ready to integrate their past experiences and to create positive change in their lives.


I work with people just like you....

If you feel mentally and emotionally beaten down and believe that things will never change
and everything will always stay the same, let me tell you, it’s simply NOT true.
Change is possible, especially if you address unconscious behavior drivers.

I understand you might have tried for things to be different, and most likely you have exerted a lot of effort trying to achieve it. It might have worked for a while, but then you snapped back to where you started, which in effect has left you drained and apathetic. I call it a rubber band effect.


The reason behind the "Rubber Band Effect" is that we operate mostly from our unconscious programming and unless the subconscious mind is impressed, no lasting changes can be made no matter how hard we try. 


Can you relate?


Maybe you are struggling with some of those patterns?

  • Pattern of procrastination - not acting on your ideas, plans or inspiration. 
  • Pattern of lack of follow through and completing tasks or projects, or sticking to a plan.
  • Pattern of over preparing, acquiring knowledge and information and never applying it.
  • Pattern of time mismanagement or alternately overworking. 
  • Pattern of negative self-talk and being self-judgmental.
  • Pattern of undervaluing yourself and selling yourself short.
  • Pattern of engaging in self-defeating or self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Pattern of consistently finding yourself in the same scenario or situation over and over again.
  • Pattern of attracting the same negative type of person either in personal or professional life.
  • Pattern of feeling like a victim or being taken advantage of others.

if we don't understand and heal our self-defeating patterns,
we are doomed to repeat them unconsciously. 


I created a unique process which is based on my personal healing journey and almost a decade of studies and training in the field of mental health and wellness. It addresses the roots of unconscious self-sabotage and will help you move beyond guilt, frustration and overwhelm.

This process will help you overcome discouragement, hopelessness and powerlessness. It will help you become less fearful, restore self-trust and confidence so you can start living into your potential.

It will gradually move you from pain and self-doubt into peace and acceptance. And ultimately it will carry you to feeling alive, empowered and capable. It will enable you to embrace change, open you up to seeing life's possibilities and take decisive action towards better future. 

Here is how I can help

What are my patterns?

What is causing my patterns?
Free Self-diagnostic Quiz

Would you like a breakdown of why you are stuck in the repetitive cycle reliving the same scenario over and over again? This quiz will help identify possible reasons. 

"Break Free"
a 90 minute session

In this session, we will hone in on your core pattern and the area of your life that's most affected by it. We'll create healing solutions and craft an actionable strategy. 

Free Discovery Session
20 minute call

This free twenty minute session is a great opportunity to gain clarity and discover tools that will serve you best on your healing journey. 


I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Jung


Breaking free of internal ties that bind you.  

Releasing old patterns with image, symbol and metaphor, because 97% of our behavior is driven by unconscious patterns.


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