Reprogram your brain to break-free from repetitive behavior patterns. 

This quiz and therapeutic activity
will help you get to the source of your
recurring problems and begin the
 work of digging out the roots.


Where would you be right now if you weren't held back by your repetitive patterns?

Hello and welcome, I’m Monika, and I help women to release repetitive patterns that are holding them captive in their lives.

I created a unique process which addresses roots of unconscious self-sabotage and will help you release your patterns and take concrete steps towards your vision of the future. This process is based on my personal healing journey and almost a decade of studies and training in the field of mental health and wellness.

I'm a Transformational Facilitator with background in Art Therapy and Positive Psychology, but most importantly I'm someone who has been able to break free of multiple patterns caused by traumatic experiences spanning most of my early life.


Can you relate?

Maybe you are struggling with some of those patterns?

  • Pattern of engaging in self-defeating or self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Pattern of consistently finding yourself in the same scenario or situation over and over again.
  • Pattern of attracting the same negative type of person either in personal or professional life.
  • Pattern of negative self-talk and being self-judgmental.
  • Pattern procrastination or lack of follow through and completing tasks or projects.
  • Pattern of undervaluing yourself and selling yourself short.

Most people don't realize that willpower alone is not enough.  there is another way of releasing patterns that makes them fall off in a natural and organic way.


Here are some of the results you can expect after working with me :

  • You will be able to take concrete steps and follow through on executing plans, goals and desires.
  • You will no longer find yourself in the same old situations having the same automatic reactions and experiences.
  • You will stop wasting your time and energy on unproductive task, situations and relationships.  
  • You will effortlessly create new mental habits and behaviors.
  • You will become less fearful, restore your self-trust and confidence, so you can start living into your potential.


Here is how I can help

What are my patterns?

Find out what’s really
holding you back

This quick quiz and cathartic activity will help you get to the source of your recurring issues.

"Break Free"
a 90 minute session

We'll identify and hone in more clearly on your particular pattern and how to get past it.

Free Discovery Session
20 minute call

This discovery session will help you get to the root of your recurring problems.



Find out what's really holding you back.

This quick quiz and cathartic activity will help you get to the source of your recurring issues.


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